Toss that paper bag,
grab a modern lunch bag

and lunch in style with us.

For the love of
leather handles.

ethically and sustainably sourced. Beacuse it matters.

The Lunch Bag Reinvented

Spacious, beautiful and eco-friendly lunch bags. Because the old ones just don't cut it.

Stylish, Practical.

NOSH canvas bags are designed to be sleek enough to be used as your purse, yet spacious and functional enough to double as your sidekick, ahem, lunch bag.

Functional, Spacious.

Handles long enough to sling over your shoulder. Interior and exterior pockets to keep your essentials at hand.

Space to toss in your phone, wallet, keys, make-up bag, MacBook, and hey, maybe even that half eaten bag of cheetos, we're not here to judge.

Sustainable, Washable.

Eco-friendly materials and a food safe interior liner. So go ahead and place that apple straight into your bag, no regrets.

Spill-resistant and machine washable*. Have a mess? Wipe clean or toss into the washing machine and, done!

*styles with leather handles are not machine washable

Quality Built.

Built locally, by hand, using the best materials we could find.

From the tough canvas exterior down to the ultra strong nylon thread holding every component together, each piece is stitched by hand for a bag that is made to last.

The collection


Your favorite well-loved tote in lunch bag form, designed with a front slip-in pocket. Take it where ever you go and never worry about getting hangry again.

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Mystique Lunch Bag, Light GrayMystique Lunch Bag, Confetto Light GrayMystique Lunch Bag, Dark GrayMystique Lunch Bag, Confetto Dark Gray

The collection


Your favorite well-loved tote in lunch bag form, designed with a front zippered pocket and feet. It won't run away on you, we promise.

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