Working with a Local Manufacturer

Working with a Local Manufacturer

In November of 2017 we began our search to find a manufacturer that could help us make our vision a reality. Set on finding a local manufacturer that could help us create a prototype we hit the web and searched through what felt like a sea of listings. Once we found one fell into our category, we met with them to share our vision and explain our design. We were promised a prototype would be ready in a few days. After several weeks, unanswered phone calls, and a few hundred dollars, we finally picked up our prototype and then… complete disappointment. I remember seeing the bag and thinking, "wow this looks like a fat, stiff and uncomfortable lunch bag". Needless to say, the manufacturer did a poor job following our design specs and the craftsmanship just wasn’t there. We realized that it was challenging to portray our vision to the manufacturer. Even though we provided them with detailed diagrams, measurements and descriptions the prototype was far from what we had envisioned.  

Determined to find one that could help us we continued our search. We contacted numerous others, sent messages, called and spoke to multiple people. I think at this point we exhausted pretty much every local option google maps had. Each one came up empty, it was either that they only worked with larger companies, they had a minimum production requirement that we couldn't meet or they just simply didn't return our calls.     

It was during this time that my husband, Mario, suggested I make my own prototype. Looking back I now see how paramount that suggestion was. Over the past few months I've been working at it and I can now start to smell the scent of accomplishment, more accurately described as the smell of sweaty piles of unwashed laundry, stacked dishes that haven't made it into the dishwasher and one very hyper golden retriever puppy who has missed out on one too many walks and maybe a bath or two. Nonetheless, it's almost done!! Yipee!

With prototype in hand we returned to our search for a manufacturer but now armed with a tangible product that reflects our vision. As luck may have it, we reached out to one of the manufacturers we had spoken to before to see if they might be able to accommodate us. As of yet we're working on closing a deal with them to take the bag into production.

Stay tuned for updates :-)       



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