Is your lunch routine in need of an update?

Is your lunch routine in need of an update?

If I was a tiny bug with flying abilities I’d definitely fly around to snoop in on everyones’ lunch routine! I wonder what kind of things I would see...Plastic bags with (eventually) squashed sandwiches? Overflowing lunch bags bursting at the seams? Forks and spoons haphazardly strewn across the bottom of a bag? Yes, we all agree it’s great for the environment to reuse those plastic bags but let’s be real, you can't properly carry around a lunch in one of those things.

Mornings are easily the busiest time of the day, and I’d say there are probably two types of people when it comes to morning routines. There are those that have everything ready the night before. I mean everything like the lunch is packed, school bag set, with a coffee mug just waiting for some hot water to be added and they’re ready to go. The others would probably be some varying degree of just find whatever you can grab that’s within 5 feet of the door on your way out. While we may all have experienced each extreme at some point, it’s probably more accurate to say that most of us fall somewhere in between. And while we could definitely get into tips on how to improve on our lunch packing skills, we’ll save that for another post :)

Whatever your morning routine may be, it’s safe to say that having a practical lunch bag to use wouldn’t hurt. In fact, it would probably be an important step toward accomplishing a better morning routine, which hey, we could all use :D Now, throw in the element of “stylish lunch bag” and some of us may even get excited about packing our lunch. It may even motivate some of us to spend a few extra minutes in the kitchen in the morning to whip up an extra snack to toss into our bags! 


Happy Lunching :D

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