Infused Water Challenge Day 1 - Lemon, Ginger and Cardamom

Infused Water Challenge Day 1 - Lemon, Ginger and Cardamom


Day 1 of 30!

Infused water is so great for you, and it's so easy to make! Not to mention it really helps to make plain ol' water much more enticing. If I do make some, my usual thing is just to add some lemon. So lemon by itself is great but it gets pretty uninteresting after a while. On some days, when i'm feeling adventurous I'll look up recipes on infused water and try to find one that sounds interesting. What usually ends up happening is I'll find some of the usual ones, like lemon and cucumber, or strawberry and cucumber with mint.

So it got me thinking... I'm always looking for ways to incorporate herbs and spices into things, so why not do it with water! I know this might sound weird at first, but stay with me, herbs and spices are so good for you, and who else has got a whole assortment of these taking up space on a shelf? I'm always trying to use them in my cooking whenever I can, but honestly, how often do you reach for that cardamom? Plus, most of them last 1 to 3 years (assuming they're kept in airtight containers) soooo... needless to say let's use them up! Let's see what we come up with on our 30 Day Infused Water Challenge. 


I'm starting off with Lemon, Ginger and Cardamom for Day 1. These ingredients have a great nutrient profile:


Lemon - vitamin C, folate, potassium, flavanoids and limonins

Ginger - vitamin B3, B6, choline, folate, potassium and gingerols

Cardamom - vitamin C, iron, magnesium, calcium, terpenes, esters and flavanoids

Many of you probably already know that lemon and ginger have a ton of health benefits, but unless you spice your food with garam masala on the regular or order up some fancy cocktails, you're probably not that familiar with cardamom. Let's start with summing up the obvious ones:


Lemon - aids your body to detoxify by flushing out toxins and cleansing your liver, it helps with weight control, supports heart health, and aids digestive health  

Ginger - powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, helps lower blood sugar and supports heart health, helps reduce exercise induced muscle pain and soreness, it's been shown to significantly reduce menstrual pain, protect brain health and helps your body fight off infections  

Now, what about cardamom?

Cardamom is abundant in antioxidants and has potent anti-inflammatory compounds that help your body fight inflammation. These anti-oxidants specific to cardamom have properties that protect cells from damage and stop inflammation from occurring. How great is that?! We could just stop at that since inflammation really is one, if not the root, cause of all preventable diseases. But-- we are discussing those benefits so let's list them!

lemon ginger and cardamom

Cardamom - abundant antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents, it aids your body in overall detoxification, improves blood circulation (good bye and good riddance cold hands!), aids in weight loss, alleviates joint pain, is a great aid in gastrointestinal issues, and drumroll please... it enhances sex drive!

Yup you heard right, not only will cardamom provide you with a ton of health benefits but it will also help you in between the sheets! ;) Now that we've covered all of these great benefits, let's get on to how to make one.

Lemon, Ginger and Cardamom Infused Water

Total Prep Time: 5 min

Total Time: 2+ Hours


  • 1/2 of an organic lemon
  • 1 inch piece of organic ginger
  • 1/2 tsp cardamom
  • 32 oz water


1. Slice lemon and ginger

2. Add all of the ingredients into a container

3. Let mixture sit for at least 2 hours or overnight* for full flavor

*Note: if you're infusing longer than 2 hours or overnight, be sure to place in the fridge to inhibit bacterial growth.





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