Vegan Food Staples I Always Have at Home

Vegan Food Staples I Always Have at Home

I would very often get asked this question by friends, family and coworkers: "So what exactly do you eat on a daily basis?" My usual answer was pretty much a variation of, "Well, just the same stuff minus the meat". I know, probably not the most descriptive answer. So I had to take a hard look at the things that were my go to's. I usually like to keep a pretty stocked pantry so I would normally have a variety of options. Although I noticed over the years I would consistently gravitate toward a few staples. They are:

  • Quinoa & rice - a great base or filler
  • Beans & lentils - a great base or filler
  • Raw cashews - milk & cream substitute
  • Frozen vegetables - handy for quick or last minute meals
  • Frozen fruit - handy for quick breakfast bowls & smoothies
  • Tahini - awesome base for any dressing
  • Seeds, nuts & nut butter - great for snacks and breakfast toppings
  • Dates - great for snacks, smoothie add-in, toppings
  • Onions - base or side in many meals

These items are just central as the base to making so many other meals. Here's an example of what I'd eat in one day if I was only able to use the above ingredients:

Breakfast: oatmeal bowl with berry topping

Lunch: grain bowl with roasted veggies and tahini dressing

Dinner: beans, sauted onions and veggies

I realize that they may not sound like the most appetizing meals, but that's because it's only an example of using the limited ingredients from above! Once you start getting the hang of how to incorporate vegetables in different ways, I'd say it really comes down to a few key things: consistency of cooked vegetables (trust me on this one - I've made waaay to many dishes with soggy veggies that were almost inedible), seasonings used, the combination of ingredients and the sauces, of course! 😃




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