Our story of
how it all began.

Proudly designed by women. for women.

Who ever thought finding a lunch bag would be so impossible? All it needed was to be large enough to carry lunch, some snacks, a water bottle, possibly an occasional smoothie, some extra pockets for keys and a phone would be great, and would it be too much to ask for it not to look like it was made with fabric that came from curtains? That was me back in 2015, when I decided with the prodding of my husband, Mario, to design a bag that I'd actually like to use.

It started at the kitchen table with a notebook and some sketches, followed by tracking down my old trusty (and dusty) sewing machine and putting it to some good use.

I learned how to sew at the 4H Club as a child, and kept it up over the years, so I had enough skills up my sleeve to create some working prototypes.

They were by no means pretty, and actually quite frustrating to create; I knew how I wanted the bags to look but translating that into reality required some professional sewing skills. The first couple of years were tough. As I would discover along the way, it's really not easy being a small fish trying to get help from big fish.

There are all kinds of limitations like minimum order quantities, production minimums, finding accommodating or reliable manufacturers, or trying to find tools that you don't even know the appropriate terms of, to name a few.

However, my dream had already been envisioned. I could see the sketches on paper, and had the (albeit shabby looking) prototypes right in front of me.

I couldn't let these limitations keep me from bringing my dream to life. Enter the scene years later to what I'm now most humbly excited to call NOSH bags. They're a dream that's taken root, and I'm so happy at the opportunity I've been given to share my dream with you. Thanks for joining in on our journey!     

Cheers to happy lunches, xoxo,